Basic Steps To Writing A Good Dissertation Introduction Chapter

Writing a well-structured dissertation introduction chapter often tends to be a real challenge, even for experienced academic writers. Without a doubt, the introduction chapter is a funnel into the academic research, hence, it’s very important to provide the wider scope within which the paper resides. Although some experts recommend writing this part of the research paper at the very end of the writing process, many specialists insist on starting the introduction chapter by paying close attention to the precise definition of the issue in context. In order to create a successful dissertation introduction chapter, it’s highly recommended to stick to a certain algorithm.

7 Steps You Should Follow

  1. State the general field of interest of your paper and define its precise subject in order to give the readers an idea of the subject of the paper. Concentrate on the keywords and definitions covered in the dissertation. Avoid unnecessary repetition.
  2. Formulate the problem and give key reasons why one must be motivated to solve it.
  3. Outline the purpose of the study and its significance for the target audience.
  4. Identify the hypothesis of the research paper and clearly state the primary research questions, such as “What? Why? How? What for?” Outline the contribution of the main research questions to the quantitative/qualitative study.
  5. Propose the scientific benefits of the research and enumerate the academic benefits for a certain field of study.
  6. Offer possible ways to solve the problem of your paper, including the methods used, as well as the ways for the data to be collected and analyzed.
  7. Set the limitations, if any. Remember that any limitation is a potential weakness of the study.

Other Things to Remember

It’s crucial to remember that dissertation objectives are an essential part of a good introduction chapter. Since this very part of the paper serves as a brief introduction to the subject of the research, one should not only state the issue in question but also clearly formulate the main reasons of the potential interest for the readers and provide some background information of the research as well. A good writer must avoid using jargon and citations, and should write in simple sentences, omitting complex structures and unnecessary phrase clusters. As a rule, in order to shape the structure at the end of the introduction chapter, one might briefly mention the contents of the upcoming chapters, define their main ideas, and highlight the order of the information to be discussed. It’s a good idea to include a concise summary of the chapters as well. However, you can pay for dissertation online and avoid struggles with composing the introduction and other parts of your paper.

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