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Buying a thesis online saves you time and resources that would have been spent in the actual writing. It is one of the tricks to help you meet the strict deadline and graduate as soon as possible. As easy as it sounds, there are obvious potholes that will make your buying experience nasty. Here are some of the complications to watch out for and possible solutions:

Plagiarized Work

Regardless of the quality of your work, plagiarism will cause you to be discontinued. In fact, your certificate will be recalled even twenty years after you graduate. This is a grave sin in academic. To ensure that you do not buy plagiarized work, check through plagiarism software before you take the work away. This provides an assurance that it is 100% original.

Missed Deadlines

If you miss the submission deadline for your paper, it automatically means that your graduation will be delayed. In fact, you can see the signs of missing the date if the writer delays your work. There are several cures for missing the deadline. Order your paper as early as possible. This gives you time to scrutinize it before submitting. You will also be familiar with the content as you prepare for your defense. Create milestones for your writer. The introduction should be delivered in a few day, body within a week and eventually the entire paper in a month, for example. This also allows you to present the sections to your supervisor for approval before proceeding with the next phase.

Loss of Money

You are never sure when you buy a thesis that you are dealing with a genuine writer. The promises on quick delivery or low prices are likely to blind you. To avoid the conmen who will swindle you in the name of selling papers, use escrow accounts that enable you to maintain control of funds. You may also pay the writer using milestones of completed work. Ensure that the payment platforms are secure.


Confidentiality must be maintained at the highest level when buying thesis online. Any leakage will compromise the integrity of your paper. You will be disqualified and your credentials recalled.

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