15 Creative Ideas You Haven't Thought About Yet For PhD Thesis Topics On Sociology

Sociology covers a wide range of different subjects and topics; therefore, when writing a PhD about the subject, you may be wondering exactly what to focus on as part of your work. Of course, you have most likely thought of many different ideas; however, to help give you some extra inspiration, you might find the following creative suggestions helpful.

  1. When carrying out social experiments involving other human beings, what moral and ethical limits should the examiner impose upon themselves, and what happens when limits are not set or followed?
  2. What problems can be faced when trying to gather information, as well as analyzing any results that are found, in relation to sociology studies?
  3. Understanding universal criminal punishments and what impact they might have on individuals
  4. Using the Internet to gather information via surveys, questionnaires and other relevant research methods: what are the pros and cons?
  5. How effective are schools that allow students to set rules?
  6. Why, as a society, do we still have such vastly different attitudes towards physical and mental illnesses?
  7. How can we observe crowds at sporting events in relation to more mentality, and what can we learn?
  8. How do governments try to convince society that military conflicts are appropriate?
  9. Understanding the way that we deal with death, and how we interact with others to help cope with grief
  10. An analysis of suicide: when does someone really want to take their own life, and when are someone’s actions simply suicidal gestures?
  11. Why is it so difficult for sociologists to accurately monitor and understand the actions of individuals in near-death situations, and how is technology changing the way in which we can observe individuals and their actions in potentially fatal situations?
  12. How have modern day at social networks helped us to understand more about the way in which people interact with each other and develop relationships?
  13. Has social media, text messaging, and other forms of communication changed the way in which we communicate and use language?
  14. Considering the statistics relating to male individuals as victims of domestic violence show that men are frequently abused by female partners, why do we, as a society, focused almost entirely on female domestic abuse victims?
  15. What societal structures make it difficult for male domestic abuse victims to come forward?

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